Les canelés de saison | “Noyau d’abricot” et “Pamplemousse et noix”

    Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Annin” and “grapefruits and nuts” are available from tomorrow, June 2nd.Annin or apricot kernel, now commonly known as the ingredients of Annin-dofu or almond jelly, was originally used for “Yakuzen”, the traditional medicinal cooking in China. Annin canelés are adorably decorated with apricot kernel fondant and bright red Kuko-no-mi or Goji berry on top. The paste of apricot kernel mixed in the dough, they have pronounced annin taste.Grapefruits and nuts canelés are very unique with a taste you have never tasted before. Brushed up with pink grapefruits jam and chips of almond on top, there are nuts paste mixed in almond dough. The sweetness and rich taste of nuts matches perfectly with the bittersweet and sourness of the jam.The rainy season is now approaching. It could be a great opportunity to look for your favorite umbrella or a pair of rain boots and catch up with your reading.