Les canelés de saison | “Châtaigne” et “Thé et Chocolat Blanc”

    As autumn deepens day by day, the falling leaves around our feet catch our eyes. November 8 marks Risshō, the first day of winter, which means that winter has finally arrived according to the calendar. The first season of Risshō is called “Tsubaki hajimete hiraku” meaning “the first opening of sasanqua camellia” in Japanese. In the Chinese character, sasanqua camellia is written as “tea tree that grows and blossoms in the mountains” as their leaves were used for brewing tea in the old days. The flower blooms quietly and prettily in the bleak, wintry season, and is favored as a garden tree in temples and for the tea ceremony. It would be nice to enjoy sasanqua camellia along with the autumn leaves that have begun to change color. Our seasonal canelés for this month, “Chestnuts” and “Tea and White Chocolate” are available from tomorrow, the 2nd of November. Chestnut canelés are filled with chestnut paste and decorated with simmered chestnuts with skin. You can feel autumn in the rich flavor of chestnuts. Tea and White Chocolate Canelés are decorated with tea leaves and white chocolate ganache on top of the dough. Please enjoy the rich flavor in the bergamot aroma of earl gray tea leaves after the tender sweetness of the white chocolate.