Les canelés de saison | “Citrouille” et “Chocolat aux noix”

    We can find autumn deepening as the trees’ leaves change their hue. People often use the phrase “enjoy the long autumn nights,” though the nights are surely longer in winter as autumn nights are generally comfortable and enjoyable for many occasions. It is the time for harvest – it may be a good chance to try cooking new elaborate meals with many ingredients in season and enjoy them with loved ones. Or would you rather immerse yourself in the world of stories by reading books or watching movies? Autumn is a great season to enjoy food, reading, art, and sports. Wish you a fruitful autumn. Our seasonal canelés for this month, “Pumpkin” and “Nuts Chocolat” are available from today, the 1st of October. Pumpkin canelés are decorated with pumpkin seeds with pumpkin paste on top of pumpkin dough. The tender sweetness of pumpkin is concentrated in each canelés and they are perfect for autumn. Nuts Chocolat canelés are with cashew nuts and macadamia nuts in the chocolate dough, decorated with chocolate ganache and dolled up with macadamia nuts. Please enjoy how smooth the chocolate melts in your mouth and the texture of 2 kinds of nuts.