Les canelés de saison | “Patate douce” et “Figues”

    The beaming sun finally has started to soften into the gentle autumn sunlight, and as we enter September, the long autumn nights are filled with the chirping of singing crickets. About 1000 years ago, in the Heian era, the aristocrats enjoyed the sound of insects in baskets, and Japanese people have long felt comforted by the sound of insects. The frequency of singing crickets chirping is as high as 4500 Hz, and because of the ratio, the sound doesn’t travel on the phone. It would be nice to enjoy the live performances by the little musicians this autumn. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Sweet potato” and “Fig” are available from today, September 1st. The sweet potato canelés are candied sweet potatoes wrapped in sweet potato dough and topped with the same filling and sesame sprinkled on top. The sweetness fills your mouth with a soft, luscious flavor. Fig canelés are filled with dried fig compote in red wine and cinnamon-flavored dough. The popping texture of fig and refined afternote of red wine would be delightful.