Les canelés de saison | “Ananas” et “Fleur de sel de Guérande”

    The Dotonbori River Manto Festival is held from July 1 to August 31 along the Dotonbori River, a symbol of Osaka. During that time, the 800-meter promenade from Fukasato Bridge to Nihonbashi Bridge, which locates within a 10-minute walk from Canelé-do Sakuragawa Store, is filled with the bustle of the city and the lights of 1,300 lanterns beautifully and radiating an Osaka summer vibe. Walking along the riverside with a summery atmosphere in the night breeze may be nice. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Pineapple” and “Salt of Guérande” are available today, August 1st. Pineapple canelés have dried pineapples covered by white sweet bean paste inside, dolled up with homemade fresh pineapple jam on top. This tropical, summery canelé brings out pineapple’s sweet, sour taste. The Salt of Guérande canelés are made with salty dough flavored with “fruits of the sea” or salt of Guérande, France. Please enjoy the fresh afternote spreading as the mild saltiness gently brings out its sweetness.