Les canelés de saison | “Figues” et “Patate douce”

    September has arrived. Though hot, summary days continue, we can feel the arrival of autumn in the sky at dusk. September was used to be called “Naga-tsui”, the long month because the night hour is gradually getting long. As Japanese people always have lived closely with nature and come up with several names for September: “Inekari-dsuki”, the harvest month; “Nezame-dsuki”, the month of awakening; “Irodori-dsuki”, the colorful month; “Kiki-dsuki”, the month of chrysanthemums. What sort of name of the month should we come up with for September considering how hot it has been in recent years? It is wonderful to feel autumn deepens as listening to the insects chirping.Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Fig” and “Sweet potato” are available from today, September 1st. Fig canelés are filled with dried fig compote in their red wine and cinnamon flavored dough. The popping texture of fig and refined afternote of red wine would be very enjoyable. The sweet potato canelés are with sweet potato dough and candied sweet potato on top. The sweet potato fills your mouth with a soft luscious flavor.