Les canelés de saison | “Fleur de sel de Guérande” et “Mango Orange”

    Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Salt of Guérande” and “Mango Orange” are available from today, July 1st.The Salt of Guérande canelés are made with salty dough flavored with “fruits of the sea” or salt of Guérande, France. You would enjoy the fresh afternote spreading as the mild saltiness gently brings out its sweetness.The Mango Orange canelés have dried mango covered by white bean paste inside, decorated with our homemade fresh orange jam mixed with mango puree on top. Its juicy orange color sparkles like the summer sun.The eleventh day of the summer solstice is called “Han-Gesho”. It is one of the important days for farmers as they considered it a target date to finish certain farm work such as rice planting. There are some places in Japan where they have a custom of eating certain unique foods on this day such as udon noodle, mackerel or even octopus in the Western part of the country. It is said that people started this custom of eating local delicacies as a way of wishing for a good harvest. Also, the rain around this time is called “Hange-Ame” and it is said that many days of heavy rain would last if it rains on this day. Han-Gesho of this year is tomorrow, the 2nd of July. The Rainy season may be halfway over. Before midsummer, it might be nice to appreciate rainy days once again.