Les canelés de saison | “Thé et Chocolat blanc” et “Épis de carotte”

    The fallen leaves around our steps tell us that Autumn is here. Autumn that is blessed with beautiful colored leaves is called “Nishiki-Aki”. Nishiki is a textile with elegant patterns that are made of various numbers of colored strings and the word is often used to describe something very beautiful and splendid. We also call it “Yamayosoou” (dolled-up mountains) the scenery of the mountains changing colors in Autumn. It may be a neat idea to put some colorful leaves to suit the season when you send gifts or letters to your beloved. Tea and White Chocolate Canelés are decorated with tea leaves and white chocolate on top of tea flavored dough. The bergamot aroma of earl gray tea leaves goes nicely with the sweetness of white chocolate. Carrot Epice Canelés are decorated with cream cheese frosting and green raisins on top of the dough mixed with the grated carrot, cinnamon and rum preserved raisins. Please enjoy the tasty contrast between the sweet taste of carrots and the rum-flavored raisins.