Les canelés de saison | “Armoise” et “Rhubarbe”

    The green shines day by day on roadside trees. We can’t help but be tempted to go to places like mountains or forests to just take a deep breath and get charged up in the air of early summer. May 20th is Forest Day as forest in Japanese characters consist of 5 trees and with 20 strokes when it’s written. In a forest, it’s said that there is a certain natural heartbeat-like rhythm called 1/f fluctuation which activates the brain and makes it relaxed. The comfort that we feel in forests relax us as it touches all of our 5 senses, with sight, for catching greens and sunlight through leaves; with smell, for feeling the smell of plants and trees; with hearing, for loving the chirping of birds, sound of wind and rivers; with touch, for feeling trees and ground; with taste, for enjoying the tastes of mushrooms and wild vegetables. Let’s bring all the good power from forests and make it healthy May. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, ”Yomogi” and “Yomogi” are available from May 1st. Yomogi canelés are with yomogi mixed dough, decorated with yomogi fondant and red bean paste. The tender sweetness may bring you small happiness. Rhubarb canelés are decorated with rhubarb and framboise jam on top of the strawberry dough. Please enjoy the fresh sourness.