Les canelés de saison | “Figues” et “Patate douce”

    We can feel autumn in the wind lately. Septembre 6th to 9th are days of clovers. In Japan, clovers are also called “White Stuffing Grass” as in Edo-era, they are used to fill up the boxes as cushioning material when glass basins were imported from Holland. It has been believed from ancient times in Europe that four-leaf clovers bring you happiness. They are considered as a symbol of happiness because of the rareness of them and its shape looking like a Maltese cross. Also, it is believed that each leaf has specific meaning and in Japan, they represent hope, faith, love and happiness. As September comes, may your autumn be fruitful! Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Fig” and “Sweet potato” are available from today, September 1st. Fig canelés are filled with dried fig compote in their red wine and cinnamon flavored dough. The popping texture of fig and refined afternote of red wine would be very enjoyable. The sweet potato canelés are with candied sweet potato inside of the sweet potato dough and decorated with the candied sweet potato and sesame sprinkled on top. The sweet potato fills your mouth with a soft luscious flavor.