Les canelés de saison | “Ananas” et “Amande mangue”

    The 1st and the 17th of August are both days of pineapples to promote the tastiness of pineapples. The days were picked from the pronunciation of “pineapple” sounding as those numbers in Japanese . The name of pineapple was created from the names of 2 fruits as they look like pine cones in shape and taste sweet and delicious like apples. Did you know how to pick a tasty pineapple? Here are little tips. Those ones that: feel heavy, have yellow and swollen lower parts, with firm leaves, have shiny skins and smell sweet etc. As we cannot absolutely start summer without pineapples, we would like you to enjoy them in our canelés in August. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Pineapple” and “Mango-Annin“ are available from today, August 1st. Pineapple canelés have dried pineapples covered by white sweet bean paste inside, dolled up with homemade fresh pineapple jam on top. This tropical, summery canelé brings out with the sweet, sour taste of pineapple. Annin is an apricot kernel, now commonly known as the ingredients of Annin-dofu or almond jelly. Mango-Annin canelés are baked with dried mango put inside of apricot kernel paste. They are adorably decorated with vivid orange colored dried mangos floating on top of apricot kernel fondant looking like a white ocean.