Les canelés de saison | Yuzu et Méli-Mélo

    The sun goes down fast and each day literary flies. Though it is getting colder, the length of a day will be getting longer once it passes “Touji”, the winter solstice on 22nd of December.On Touji, it is believed that eating seasonal foods especially which with “N” in names brings you luck. We call this custom “Unmori”, meaning gaining your luck. We eat such food as Nankin: an old name for pumpkins, Ninjin: carrots, Renkon: lotus roots, Ginnan: ginkgo nuts, Kanten: agar and Udon noodles. These are collectively called “Touji no Nanakusa”, the seven winter herbs of health. Eating them is an old wisdom to get nourishment for preparing yourself for an icy cold winter.Reviving this custom could be a fun way for riding out this winter. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Yuzu (Citrus junos)” and “Meli-melo” are available from 1st of December.Yuzu cenelés are with yuzu peel on top of yuzu paste. Please enjoy the fresh smell and the sourness.Meli-melo enelés are named after a french word meaning mishmash in english. It is very flavorful and rich with various fruits preserved in rum.