Les canelés de saison | “Patate douce” et “Chocolat à l’orange”

    It is becoming chilly in the mornings and nights and here comes the time for leaves to change their colors. The word “Momiji”, maple in autumn colors, is said to come from “Momizu” meaning to be squeezed out since those beautiful colors on leaves are as if being squeezed out from frost or shower of beginning of autumn. Maple is also called “Iromi-gusa” meaning color viewing plant. It has been adored by Japanese from ancient times and featured in poetry and literature. It seems that maple is telling us the seasons are changing as their leaves changing colors every year.Our seasonal canelés for this month, “Sweet potato” and “Orange chocolat” are available from today, 1st of November.The sweet potato canelés are with sweet potato dough and candied sweet potato on top. The sweet potato fills your mouth with a soft luscious flavor.The orange chocolat canelés are with chocolate dough mixed with dried orange and decorated with ganache and orange peels. The sweetness of chocolate gently enhances the aroma of orange peels.