Les canelés de saison | Carotte Japonaise et Kurikinton

    Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month are “Kintoki Carrot” and “Kuri Kinton”.With kintoki carrot canelés, you would enjoy the rich afternote and sweetness of kintoki carrots from its dough and sweet paste.Kuri-kinton canelés, inspired by a traditional pastry with mashed sweet potatoes and chestnuts, are fulfilling with paste of sweet potatoes and chestnuts put inside and on top.In Japanese, there are many words with “Hatsu” or “Zome”, both meaning “the first” or “to start”, for things we do or see the first time in the new year. Words such as Hatsu-hinode: the sunrise on the New Year’s Day, Hatsu-moude: the first visit to a shrine, Hatsu-yume: the first dream you have of the year, Hatsu-dayori: the first letter, Hatsu-warai: the first laughter, Kaki-zome: the first calligraphy of the year, Mai-zome: the first dance and so on.We could imagine that the importance of refreshing our mind and recalling original intention once in a while is passed through words from the old days.Cherishing “the first times” again in this January sounds precious.

    1月の季節のカヌレは「金時にんじん」と「栗きんとん」です。「金時にんじん」は金時人参の生地の中に人参餡が入り、人参の風味と濃厚な甘さの余韻をおたのしみ頂けます。「栗きんとん」は中と上に栗とお芋の餡が入った食べ応えのある一品です。年が明けて最初にみたものやすることに”初”という文字が付きます。初日の出、初詣、初夢、初便り、笑初、書初め、舞初め…など多くの言葉があります。すべてのことに気持ち新たにという思いが、昔から言葉を通して受け継がれているのかもしれません。 いろいろな”初”を意識して過ごす1月もいいですね。