Les canelés de saison | “Armoise” et “Caramel Banane”

    Welcome to April. Spring is soon going to bloom fully as cherry blossoms have started to open their floowers. It seems that spring passes so fast compare to other seasons. April is called “Haruoshimi dsuki” in luner calendar as it is the last month of spring and it is hard to let go such a beautiful season. Though it may be short, let’s cherish a precious spring.Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Yomogi” and “Caramel banana” are available from today, April 1st.Yomogi canelés are with yomogi (Japanese mugwort) mixed dough, decorated with milk jam and Dainagon red beans. The tender sweetness will melt in your mouth.Caramel banana canelés are decorated with handmade semi-dried banana chips on top of caramel dough mixed with full of semi-dried banana chips. Please enjoy the taste spiced up with the gentle aroma of cinnamon.