Les canelés de saison | “Ananas Salé” et “Maïs Grillé”

    It soon will be autumn on an almanac calendar but the season of summer festival will not be over till it reaches at the height.Yukata is one of features of summer in Japan, the name comes from “Yukata-bira”: what people used to wear to bathe or after bath in Heian era. Did you know that each pattern on yukata has meaning of its own? For instance, pattern of the flower “Shoubu” represents toughness in games or “Shoubu duyosa” in Japanese as they both share the same sound; camellias are believed to be sacred trees which bring luck. They are also considered as a symbol of continuous growth and perpetual youth and longevity as they live more than 800 years and the flowers bloom widely. It might be very neat and interesting to pick up yukata by its pattern.Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Salty Pineapple” and “Grilled Corn“ are available from today, August 1st.Salty pineapple canelés are the second canelés from our series of salt of the summer canelés. The salt of Guérande, France sprinkled on simmered pineapple paste is to enhance the sweet sour taste of pineapple. This special taste goes perfectly with this summer.Grilled corn canelés would amuse you with the light crunchy texture from freeze-dried corn mixed in corn dough. Please enjoy the sweetness of corn and the toasty aroma of soy sauce.