Les canelés de saison | “Chocolat gonomi” et “Chocolat blanc et Raisin sec au rhum”

    Found some plum buds have started to plump. Although the wind is still very cold, the almanac calendar marks Setsubun on February 3rd and Risshun, the first day of Spring on February 4th. In modern days, we usually think of cherry blossoms when we think of Hanami or a flower viewing, in the Nara era, plum blossoms were the most popular for hanami. In the Manyoshu (The Anthology of Myriad), there are about 120 poems that are about plums, while less than 50 are about cherry blossoms. The name of Reiwa, the current era in Japan, was cited from the preface of the fifth volume of “Manyoshu,” which includes 32 poems about plums: “In the early spring, the winds are favorable, the plum blossoms beautifully in white like her powder in front of the mirror, and the orchids are fragrant like a sachet”. Wondering how many plum blossoms we can find this year til the spring comes. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month “Chocolat Gonomi” and “White Chocolate and Rum Raisin” are available from tomorrow, Thursday, February 2nd. The White Chocolate and Rum Raisin Canelés are decorated with white chocolate ganache mixed with chopped rum raisins and peanuts on top while the vanilla-flavored dough is filled with rum raisins too. Please enjoy the rich scent of the rum raisin with the sweetness of white chocolate. The Chocolat Gonomi Canelés are with the dough mixed with Chocolat and cranberries. They are decorated with dried fruits: cranberries, raisins, green raisins, apricots, and blueberries after being dipped in the ganache mixed with raspberry jam and dressed up with powdered sugar. The bitter-sweet taste of chocolate and the enjoyable texture may be something you might find addictive.