Les canelés de saison | “Citrouille” et “Chocolat aux noix”

    It has been pleasant autumn with the sky clear and blue, there are four bright stars, the “Great Autumn Quadrilateral”, shining in the evenings. While there are triangles in the other 3 seasons, we have a quadrilateral in Autumn. This is also called the “Great Quadrilateral of Pegasus,” as the stars are part of the constellation Pegasus though one of the stars of the quadrilateral is a part of the constellation Andromeda. Pegasus is the winged horse ridden by the hero Perseus in Greek mythology, and Andromeda is the name of the princess who was saved by Perseus. Other well-known constellations of the autumn night sky are Auqrious and Piscis Austrinus. It may be precious to do Astronomical observations on long autumn nights. Our seasonal canelés for this month, “Pumpkin” and “Nuts Chocolat” are available from today, the 1st of October. Pumpkin canelés are decorated with pumpkin seeds with pumpkin paste on top of pumpkin dough. The tender sweetness of pumpkin is concentrated in each canelés and they are perfect for autumn. Nuts Chocolat canelés are with cashew nuts and macadamia nuts in the chocolate dough, decorated with chocolate ganache and dolled up with macadamia nuts. Please enjoy how smooth the chocolate melts in your mouth and the texture of 2 kinds of nuts.