Les canelés de saison | “Figues” et “Patate douce”

    Hello, September! Does it feel like September “still” or “already” to you? It may be a good idea to take your moment to review or rethink your goals and what you would like to accomplish this year now that there are only four months left for 2022. Even for 1 hour or 1 minute, to be able to take a pause intentionally may clear our future vision. We wish you will take your moment to be present and cherish what we have remained for this year. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Fig” and “Sweet potato,” are available from today, September 1st. Fig canelés are filled with the red wine compote of figs in the red wine flavored dough. We hope you will enjoy the popping texture of the fig and the refined afternote of red wine. The sweet potato canelés are with candied sweet potatoes inside the dough. They are decorated with candied sweet potatoes and sesame sprinkled on top. The soft, luscious flavor of the sweet potato will amuse your taste.