Les canelés de saison | “Maïs” et “Prune”

    The hydrangea has started to color, and the rainy season is approaching. Have you heard of the Japanese idiom “Amayo-no-Tsuki”, the moon on a rainy night. It describes something invisible though it surely exists or is hard to be realized, like how we cannot see the moon on a rainy night. It may feel that the rainy season goes by slowly. It might be uplifting to think about beautiful idioms related to rain. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Corn” and “Japanese Plum” are available from the 2nd of June. Corn canelés are with the dough mixed with cornmeal and soy sauce decorated on top with freeze-dried corn from Biei, Hokkaido. The sweetness of the corn and the toasty aroma of soy sauce would amuse your mouth with the crunchy texture.Japanese Plum canelés have dried plums wrapped by the white bean paste inside and are decorated with chopped pistachio and the hand-made jam made from Amami plum called “Garari” produced in Kagoshima prefecture. The clean sweet and sour taste is perfect for this early summer.