Les canelés de saison |“Châtaigne” et “Épis de carotte”

    The cool wind pierces our body in the morning and the night as it gets colder. Carrots, the main ingredient of our monthly canelés are in season now. As a matter of fact, the 24th of November is the day of winter carrots as the number 24 could be read “ninjin”, a carrot in Japanese. In general, the color of carrots is orange but there are in other colors as the beautiful bright red for Kintoki carrots; the vivid yellow for Shima-ninjin (Island carrots) in Okinawa; and Otsuka carrots in Yamanashi which is 80cm long. These carrots are called Oriental kinds and they were cultivated until the Edo era in Japan. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Chestnuts” and “Carrot Epice” are available from today, November 1st. Chestnuts canelés are with dough mixed with honey preserved chestnuts and decorated with honey preserved chestnuts and Mont Blanc cream. You can feel the Autumn in the rich flavor of chestnuts. Carrot epice canelés are decorated with cream cheese mixed with grated carrots and green raisins on top of the dough mixed with grated carrot, cinnamon and rum preserved raisins. Please enjoy the tasty contrast between the sweet taste of carrots and the rum flavored raisins.