Les canelés de saison | “Yuzu” et “Kurikinton”

    A Happy New Year. “Hatsu-yume” is the dream that you have on the first night of the New Year. Though the interpretation of the “first night” of a year has changed over time as it used to be the night before the beginning of spring about 800 years ago in Kamakura era then to the New Year’s Eve around 600 years ago in Muromachi era. Since around 300 years ago in Edo era, the night to have Hatsu-Yume has been changed to the 2nd of January as it became common to clean or purify both body and spirit before the New Year’s Eve and stay up whole night to welcome the god of the New Year. It is believed that you can tell the fortunes of the year by the contents of Hatsu-Yume. Having dreams with either Mt. Fuji, a hawk or an eggplant are considered to be very lucky. There is even a special picture card with the treasure boat with Seven Gods of Fortune to put under the pillow to sleep in order to have a good first dream. I have a feeling we might be able to have some great dreams by putting pictures of somewhere we wish to visit or people we wish to see. You might be having a dream eating a lot of canelés by choosing a photo of canelés.Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Yuzu” and “Kuri-kinton” are available from 8th of January.Yuzu canelés are with Japanese yuzu powder in the dough, decorated with fondant made from yuzu juice and sugar coated yuzu on top. The fresh sweetness of yuzu would amuse you.Kuri-kinton canelés are with sweet potato paste inside and on top, decorated with caramelized chestnuts. Please enjoy the gentle sweetness. Our shops, CANELÉ du JAPON and CANELÉ du JAPON doudou, are back in business from Tuesday January 8th for the New Year. We hope you will enjoy our canelés next year as well.

    あけましておめでとうございます。新年初めて見る夢を初夢と言います。鎌倉時代には、節分の夜から立春にかけて見る夢のことを、室町時代には大晦日に見る夢のことを指していましたが、その年最後の日に心身を清め、一晩中寝ずに新年の歳神様を迎える風習から、江戸時代後期には1月2日に見る夢のことを指すようになりました。その年の運勢を占うともされている初夢、「一富士、二鷹、三茄子」は吉夢としてよく知られた話です。いい夢をみるために枕の下に敷いて眠る「初夢札」は七福神の乗った宝船が描かれたものですが、今年行きたい場所や会いたい人などの写真を枕元に置いて眠るのもなんだかいい夢が見られそうな気がします。カヌレの写真を選ばれたなら、カヌレをたくさん食べる夢が見られるかもしれません。1月の季節のカヌレは 「ゆず」と「栗きんとん」が、1月8日(火)よりお目見えです。「ゆず」は国産の柚子パウダーを生地の中に入れ、上には柚子の果汁を使ったフォンダンに柚子の砂糖がけをのせました。柚子の爽やかな甘みをお楽しみください。「栗きんとん」は中と上にお芋の餡、最後に栗の甘露煮をのせました。やさしい甘さがお口いっぱいに広がります。新年は1月8日(火)からオープンします。今年もカヌレ堂、doudou共によろしくお願いいたします。