Les canelés de saison | “Citrouille” et “Orange et Thé”

    Insects chirp to let us know the autumn has came. The sound of insects chirping has been cherished in Japanese culture as they caught and kept crickets and katydid to enjoy their sound and there were a lot of poems about them around 1200 years ago in Heian era. Such custom seems to be peculiar to the Japanese. Though the sounds are not their voice but actually buzz of wings, they hear frail and somehow momentary. It might be enjoyable to listen to the sounds of insects over a long night of autumn. Our pair of seasonal canelés for this month, “Pumpkin” and “Orange Tea” are available from today, October 1st. Pumpkin canelés are decorated with pumpkin seeds with hand made pumpkin paste on top of the pumpkin dough. The tender sweetness of pumpkin is concentrated in each canelés. Orange tea canelés are decorated with hand made orange jam on top of the dough with earl gray tea leaves and white rum pickled orange peel. Please enjoy the rich flavor in the bergamot aroma of earl gray tea leaves and the freshness of orange.